The history of Guest House Mori no Eki

We, TokinoSu no Mori club(Forest of Tokinosu Club) an organization which has been working on reforestation of mountains, have spent 3 years in building “Mori no Eki” which is made of trees of the mountains. Since 2002, this handmade house was completed, it has been a platform for preservation the mountains, and also a platform for the people who try to spread the idea that we need to preserve and live with mountains for the secure lives of people in cities and satoyama area.
Summer 2018, the house was reborn as “B&B Guest House Mori no Eki(B&B Guesthouse Forestation)”.
Refreshed, Experience, Eat, Stay, Feel. Anything is possible in the Forest.

Summer 2018, our guest house opened for all the people who love forests!!

Nonprofit Organization
TokinoSu no Mori Club
(Forest of Tokinosu Club)
Chief Director Naruo Matsuura

Summer 2018, a Guest House where people can feel the forest has opened in TokinoSu no Mori(Forest of Tokinosu Club).
We still have beautiful natural environment where the plant, the animal, and the human enjoy their lives together.
It doesn’t matter how old you are. Once you leave your daily urban life, and take a deep breath in the forest, feel the clear stream by your feet, wake up to the sound of birds singing, you can surely find the joy of the life.
We are sure that we can give you such a special time in this alive forest.
It’s the time for us to restart the lives with forests.