What to see in Kurami Onsen and Kurami area


5 minutes by car from Toki no su

Kurami Onsen go

Matsuba Falls

Guardian of the depopulated village

Hot spring which was discovered more than 700 years ago. Today 3 ryokan are stand beside it. The spring, which is just by Kurami river, contains sulfur that why people call it “a spring for beautiful skin”.

Kurami Akashi Onsen

5 minutes by car from Toki no su

Because of its 100% pure natural hot spring with flavor of sulfur, the spring is popular among enthusiastic fans. Have a good time with the manager also.


A mountain which has an altitude of 532m. Local people love to hike, go cycling in it. You can find a Chinese character “茶” (meaning tea) at middle of this mountain. At the foot of this mountain, you can see huge tea plantation which makes Kakegawa famous with its traditional tea-grass integrated system. The system is certificated as World agricultural heritage

Other spots

Kakegawa castle

Oigawa Steam Locomotive


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Tenryu-Hamanako Line

Nissaka shuku (Edo-Kyoto highway in Edo-period Japan)

Sayo no Nakayama – One of the hardest point of Edo-Kyoto highway

Hattasan Soneiji temple

The school where cherry blossom bloom (former Haraizumi primary school)

Hourai bashi – The longest woodmade bridge in the world

Tsumagoi – Forest resort of 1.4 million m3

Omaezaki Lighthouse – One of the top 50 Japanese lighthouses

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Shiseido art house – One of the most famous modern art gallery

Ecopa stadium

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Scenery of the castle town – Enshu Yokosuka

Nemu no Ki campus